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MB&F turns a jellyfish red

Red, red wine, goes to my head, Makes me forget that I, Still need you so - This is basically how we feel about the new HM7 Platinum Red from MB&F



HM7 Aquapod Jellyfish Red

In a dramatic departure for MB&F, we now have a blood red watch in the shape of the HM7 Aquapod Platinum Red. I'm not saying that Max Busser and his creative wallahs are afraid of going bold, that'd be ludicrous but you don't ever see a Hublot style loud watch like this Platinum Red! So what does this mean? In short, we know for a fact that the HM7 is a best seller. It's a watch that is not just a conversation piece but a real centre of attraction. But most if not all of the 2017 and most of the 2018 pieces sold, MB&F needs new pieces to keep their very rich, very influential fans happy. If you're wondering what's so strange about that, all the brands do it, well yes. Except MB&F.


Unlike previous incarnations of Aquapod, which indicated the hours and minutes via rotating rings with transferred numerals, HM7 Platinum Red features three-dimensional numerals sculpted in titanium. The metal was specifically selected for its lightness, in order to have as little additional marginal load on the engine as possible. However, this mechanical advantage came at a cost, since titanium is exponentially denser and stronger (which is to say, harder to machine) than the aluminium that made up the time-indication rings on previous Aquapod versions. The stems attaching the hour and minute numerals to their respective mounting rings are rendered black with a coating of DLC (diamond-like carbon), completing the ethereal floating effect that one associates with the sight of a jellyfish drifting with the ocean currents.


The self-winding, 391-component engine of HM7 Platinum Red was developed entirely in-house at MB&F. Fitted with a platinum case, bezel and buckle, HM7 Platinum Red will be made in a limited series of 25 pieces, each presented with three interchangeable straps (red, white and black) in aircraft-grade rubber.


One of the most startling visual aspects of a jellyfish, almost alien in how far it is from the mammalian systems with which we are familiar, is its transparency. How can something so diaphanous and seemingly insubstantial be alive? HM7 Platinum Red homes in on this point, replacing the battle-axe tourbillon bridge of previous Aquapod versions with a clear sapphire component. The flying tourbillon of the HM7 engine is revealed like never before, highlighted by a halo of high-luminosity AGT. You can catch a glimpse of this piece at your local Hourglass watch boutique.