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A Tango with Bob Marley


Bob Marley lives on through his legacy of music and social consciousness. And now Raymond Weil celebrates the reggae legend with a tango GMT


First of all, I have to say that it is too easy for me to like this watch. Does it have a date function? - Yes. Does it have colours to break up the monotony? - Yes. Does it have an extra function to make it worth a premium price? - Yes. Does it come in stainless steel with a bracelet? - Yes. Is it more water resistant than usual? Yup, 300m! Are there any extras? - There is a frigging Lion on the dial! And a Bob Marley quote that I use regularly - Time will Tell on the caseback. So this watch is pretty much perfect for me but what about the rest of you? What do you feel about this piece, off the first impression?



I'm rather unsure about the level of marketing that Raymond Weil are putting into their brand in Asia but this would certainly sell well in South and Southeast Asia, for me. The red, yellow and green are very emotive colours that tend to pull people here in. With the Rastafarian Marley lion on the dial, a powerful symbol if there ever was one, this piece will likely vibe with plenty of folks in this part of the world. And what I really like about this entire ensemble is the discretion. It's very Rolex in that it is low key powerful - the lion is black on a black dial; the bezel is black and grey anodized aluminium.


Who is Bob Marley?

Just in case some of you may now know who Bob Marley is (my Analytics tell me that at least half of my readers are under 30-years old!), here is a brief and unworthy introduction to the great one. At a time when the whole world seemed full of conflict, which it was with a major war or insurgency on every continent on the planet, Bob Marley was preaching peace. Through the social injustices he saw and lived in Jamaica, he protested against it with his music.


His lifestyle of marijuana use (or abuse for some), a call for a simple life beyond consumerism was just a few things he was known for beyond his music. My advice would be to get on Spotify and listen to his material. Read his lyrics and you'll realise, that although he lived in died a long while back, the issues he protested are still very much with us. Along with Freddie Mercury, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, Marley is one of the defining icons of music who has directly and indirectly influenced much of the music you hear today.