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Some light in the night

Illuminating a collection



In an interesting twist to an ever expanding story line, Bell & Ross have gone with a simple motif of legibility in what is likely to be their best-seller in 2018. The BR03-94 Horolum and BR03-92 Horoblack may suffer from a slightly disingenuous association with 'horror' but it is not a Halloween party trick!  In fact, we got our hands on the BR03-92 Nightlum to give us a feel for the collection pre-Baselworld. And we are glad to say that it passed with some almighty flying colours. Here's why - it isn't garish or rude.


The trick with superluminova is to make the dial indexes visible in the dark. Almost all brands we have come across have a good grasp of what is required to make this happen efficiently. What is sometimes lacking though is the class and skill to limit the use of the substance and also to craft a dial that doesn't look ridiculous in the dark. Bell & Ross should rightly feel proud of themselves in this respect as the Nightlum proved that it works well as a daily watch both day and night.


No gloom with a Nightlum



Obviously, the whole shtick about the Nightlum is its legibility in the dark. But before we go there, allow me to wax lyrical about the wearability of this piece. For those of you who may not know, I also do a fair bit of test driving for several magazines. And on those days, the day starts early with getting the kids up and ready for school, and then off to wherever the car is located and then to put the vehicle through its paces. Lunch swings around when I finish up and then it is the school run to get my kids back (although there are those days when I muse about 'forgetting' a pickup as most parents do!) It's then a blur between lunch, traffic, homework, driving, photoshoots, dinner, and some wine.



To keep this story manageable, I'll say this - the watch does well regardless of where and what you are doing. It's is ridiculously comfortable, the calf skin leather doing it's job of blunting any heaves the case might have as I got about my day. But the case itself, a 42mm mechanical automatic is not a bloc. The circle within the square may be signature Bell & Ross but it does sometimes give off a weighty impression. But wearing the thing is no issue as the piece sits on the wrist with a comfortable snugness. And yes, the Nightlum is significant.


The only place I had to be somewhat cautious in my trials was the trip to see Black Panther at the local cineplex. Bell & Ross are going for legibility here and I do think that they perhaps had a blind person in their focus group!

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