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Multifort Parkour at the Pavilion

It was definitely one of the most lively events of 2017, when MIDO capped the year off with a My MIDO Movement prize giving ceremony. Hosting it at their main boutique in Malaysia, located at Elite Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, the Swiss brand also had a miniature parkour course built on site. Now, why would you build a parkour course for a Swiss watch brand event? There was of course, method to the madness. The bulk of 2017 had been very about promoting the MIDO Multifort which has been covered here.



This is a classic daily piece for active professionals. Where the parkour comes in, is in the promotional work from Switzerland which themed this year's collection with the urban activity. They even had a parkour runner go up and around the Sydney Harbour Bridge which is the base inspiration of the Multifort pieces.



Parkour me this, Parkour me that


What happened next is why we all love watch events! Inside the boutique was the planned prize giving and outside, we had the parkour course. The idea was that some of the folks inside would partake in the festivities outside. Alas, when one wears the Sunday best, going helter skelter over obstacles is best left to the professionals or at least those dressed for it.

It was left to the younger folks to feel their way around the short course while the serious business of giving away watches worth over RM4,000 was underway.



And the winner is...

Whoa! Hang on! Before we get to the winners, most of you may be wondering what the heck the contest was all about? In simplified way, you had to tag a meaningful picture with #mymidomovement. That's it.

Two categories - Men's and Women's.

It was only opened to Malaysians as MIDO wanted to give the prizes away in a big ceremony with a nice dinner at a bigger ceremony at a swanky hotel. If this is making you feel rather left out, great! Just keep reading WLA and you'll have a heads-up for the next contest which is in February.



And now, for the winners! The MIDO Ocean Star Calibre 80 went to Jason Tan with 549 likes and Jenna Wong's 2,248 likes earned her a Baronchelli Prisma. Friend of the brand JC Chee, was on hand to give away the prizes at this event.




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