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Hemispheric double act from Parmigiani

As I mentioned here a while back, there are reasons aplenty to pay attention to the upcoming GPHG. So we will look at some of the competing pieces like the Parmigiani Toric Hemispheres Retrograde; once we understand what's going on with this timepiece, you may want to buy this or perhaps something similar? In a short, the Toric Hemispheres is a travel watch where it can keep two timezones. It's a clever hemispheric approach mainly because it packs several complications in one delightful case.


Parmigiani Toric Hemispheres Retrograde



Hemispheric Magic


What makes this watch special is how it goes about keeping two time zones and the date. If you look at the dial, you have the main hands and the corresponding subdial at 6 o'clock. You have the 24-hour hemisphere indicator and just for good measure, Parmigiani throw in seconds hand! If you don't look at watches regularly, let's just say that putting a seconds hand in this complication is technically difficult. The main hands also have the date hand which swings the red sickle moon clockwise. Once it hits the end of the month, it snaps back to to the first of the month and hence you get the Retrograde. While in itself, this isn't over the top complicated, I'm sure you're noticing that we are racking up complications. The case is beginning to fill with gears and springs etc.



Now we move on to the second timezone which sits at 12 o'clock. This gives you hours and minutes with 24-hour hemisphere indicator. All of this comes under Calibre PF317 which has a 50-hour power reserve which is amazingly self winding. Again, if watches isn't your thing, let's just say that the easy way to do this is to make the watch a manual winder. So again, Parmigiani is pushing the constraints of the case space with something relatively gigantic - the rotor.



Toric not Tonda


If you are aware of the brand Parmigiani Fleurier let alone have one timepiece of theirs, you would be quite familiar with the term Tonda. It is their most visible collection and indeed, Michel Parmigiani first released a Tonda Hemispheres in 2010. It wasn't anywhere near as complicated as this recent work but it gave him the inspiration to fit several complications to create this piece. Internally, the crown control allows you to pair times at intervals which is another difficult thing to do. As an example you can set the main dial to +8GMT and the second zone at +8.30GMT. Usually, the gears sync on the hour but in this case, it can go by the minute!



And being a Toric as well as a modern luxury brand, Parmigiani isn't shy of using things like Super-Luminova. The hands are coated with this for low light legibility which counters the discrete nature of the dial and case which is made from rose gold; the dial is grained white. As you would expect from the brand, the mechanics are decorated with several different motifs and makes for excellent viewing.



This piece is available in Malaysia and Singapore from The Hour Glass.


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