This is one of those Perception vs Reality situations that I really hate to come across. Are women wearing more and more watches designated as 'Men's Watches'? Yes, they are. Are brands still producing good 'Ladies Watches'? Yes, they are. So what's the problem?


The problem is that though there are so many good watches made for women in the market now, it rarely gets a mention. Even at big events like SIHH or Baselworld, the presentations for women's watches usually highlights pretty and diamonds and pink etc. How many times have you read an article about an automatic watch for women that talks about power reserves, lugs made for smaller wrists, straps and skin conditions? For those of us who do work with watches, these are quite standard issues for women's watches. But you never hear or read about it.


Femininity - our new category


So here's what I've done for the website; I've created a new category called Femininity which has its own space on the Homepage. Once I populate it with enough stories about women's watches, I'll create a page layout specifically for this category. In this space, you'll find the various stories, video ads by the brands and perhaps and image gallery of the pieces. I'm guessing (but I could be wrong) that in due course, you'll see not just watches here but also jewellery and other bits & bobs made specifically for women.


I've come across these things every so often at press events, but since it's not watch related, there's no where to put it and it's soon forgotten.

Diversity in horology


One thing I can say for certain is that women are being trained in horology and hired straight out of the institutes in growing numbers in Switzerland. The more senior of these ladies are then usually entrusted to creating feminine pieces by the brand. This is where you get taglines like 'By women, for women' etc. It's all very well and good but if the watch buying crowd who are women don't read or see these pieces somewhere, the sales figures are never going to be good and then those collections and perhaps a career or two get sidelined!


What this new category then tries to offer is an equal platform. A feature story about a women's watch is still a feature and thus ends up on our main slider. But as newer stories come up on the site, I'd rather not the story be drowned in the features page or have you go hunting for it in the Search forms. One click should bring you to the right area to begin your search for all things feminine.


As always I hope this helps and if you have any suggestions, do email us at [email protected]


I'd be happy to hear what you think about this category and if you have any ideas on how to improve it!

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