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Embrace the Multifort Madness!




Come one, come all! On the 7th of December, MIDO will be celebrating their Multifort watch. If you've followed this website or our social media, you've seen the various MIDO pieces over the past months. For the Multifort, the idea was to give customers an urban watch that would be practical and functional. The aesthetics of the piece would be as all Multifort pieces, inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge.



And the theme for this year's piece would be 'Escape the Routine'. In fact, that's what MIDO have called their piece this year - Multifort Escape.


The brand have set up a Beginner Level Parkour course at the Pavilion and you are invited to join in the fun!



A Boutique to match


Also happening when you visit the Pavilion is the MIDO boutique near the Parkour course. The store opened earlier this year and offers some tantalizing watches for you to consider. One thing I keep talking about on this site is that top end watches from Switzerland do not always come with over the top price tags.



MIDO is one such brand and one reason why I partnered with them. The whole idea of Swiss watches as being elitist is nonsense. Well made, well designed and as accurate as mechanical watches can be, MIDO is one of several brands that should command your attention. And that is especially now with the Christmas and New Year's holidays coming up!



Escape with a Multifort


If all this is well and good then keep in mind that you can earn yourself some attractive prizes from MIDO , including cash vouchers by doing the Parkour Course!


Will MIDO make you jump over a chasm? No. You might have to figure out a three foot wall though! There's also a tunnel and a bridge (It's inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge after all) but the true test of Parkour ability will be the Log Jumps. It's only inches off the ground but if you touch the ground, you have to start over.


Anybody with athletic ability would probably sail through the course in under 30 seconds. So MIDO have added two puzzles about their wonderful watches! They're offering you a great selection and value for money prices and you thought it was going to be easy? It's going to be fun and there are of course other prizes to be won. So do drop by Pavilion onĀ 7th of December, from 10am to 4.30pm.


And remember to Escape the Routine!






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