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Bling and the Bulletproof Crocodile

You never know what to expect from Hublot


So here it is in a nutshell. A luxury crocodile skin jacket that is bullet proof and a Hublot piece that imitates the texture of the jacket with diamonds to the tune of 13.5 carats!


I know Hublot is all about fusion as a brand theme but this one is a stretch even by their standards.


Crocodile Bomber Jacket



The tie-up this time is with Karmaloog. If you haven't heard of them, I hate to say this but it is likely that you are not rich enough or just plain poor like me. The brand started in 2013 and they make luxury items that are custom ordered. The brand's co-owner and artistic director is Racho Bajadjan has for several years now, a bomber jacket he designed and wears along with Hublot watches. So this new partnership is not exactly surprising. The amazing thing about this jacket is that it is certified as bulletproof. The variety is known as soft armour which is quite wearable but you trade off some protection as a matter of course.


The brand carefully hand picks their leathers which are sourced from suppliers that guarantee the international animal protection laws are respected. This highly fashionable jacket has been designed with a unique lining, a material developed using the latest technology to add protection without bulk, called Carbon aramid fabric and made possible by multiple layers of finely woven carbon nanotube fabrics. Now, before you get all excited, I'll repeat that this jacket is soft armour. You can probably take a 9mm round to the body and escape with a bruise but if anyone shows up with a long barrel or worse, armour piercing rounds, I'd suggest you run away rather quickly!


The ultimate in refinement, the various zip closures on the jacket can be customised by the wearer. A set of three jewellery sliders is provided for each zip closure: The main slider at the front is 18 carats white gold and paved with diamonds (39 diamonds totalling 0.88 carats) combined with a slider crafted in white gold and two side pocket sliders all in the shape of an H (for Hublot), these sliders are interchangeable with the recognisable Karmaloog sliders hand crafted in 18 carat white gold.



Crocodile Handy in diamonds




To go along with the jacket, Hublot gives you the Big Bang Tourbillon Croco High Jewellery which has 380 baguette diamonds. "For Hublot, this is a demonstration of how far we can go in terms of exclusivity. A cutting-edge jacket, both in terms of fashion and technology, from our partners Karmaloog, a watch which reflects the immense capabilities of our watchmakers and skills of our master craftsmen, for a spectacular — and unique — result," said Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.


Karmaloog added a design feature as the sleeve of the jacket is equipped with Hublot's patented "One Click" device enabling the watch face to be attached directly to the sleeve cuff of this jacket. When the jacket is taken off the wearer can bring their choice of straps with them.


But never mind the jacket, the watch is a bling fest worthy of the name Hublot!


The dial alone is set with 102 baguette diamonds (totalling 4.3 carats). There is an aperture at 6 o'clock opening onto the crowning glory of the calibre HUB6016 movement, a stunning tourbillon. The movement is housed in a case measuring 45 mm in diameter, which is set with another 234 baguette diamonds (totalling 7.6 ct). Self-winding, it boasts an immense power reserve of 115 hours - almost five days! Of course, such a refined piece demands sophistication down to the smallest detail. This is why the clasp on the crocodile strap is also set with 44 baguette diamonds (totalling 1.6 ct).


Considering the kind of cash you need to buy this piece and the jacket, you might actually need the bulletproof feature when you eventually get robbed! If this is your kind of thing, head over to The Hour Glass for a closer look.

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