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Flower power in the rain from MIDO

In the midst of the modernity in Singapore, Swiss watchmaker MIDO gave us the final party of 2018 in celebration of their centenary year. As I’ve mentioned previously, a hundred years in business is no small matter for a watch brand.¬†Georges Schaeren, riding on the wave euphoria when World War I was declared over in 1918, opened his brand with great ideas and hope. And while , the owners may have changed over the years but the versatility of the brand has stayed the same.


Today, MIDO gives you some of the most advanced mechanical movements in the industry but at an affordable price range. But there is more to do if they want to one day see the celebration of a second centenary! In the short term, one of their first moves involves a bit of flower power. The flower in this case is the lotus and if you’re wondering why, the reasoning is simple. MIDO is inspired by architecture and in the ArtScience Museum building on the grounds of the Marina Bay Sands, the company has found its next inspiration. But unlike all the other collections that have either been men’s or couples, the lotus curves of the ArtScience Museum will be a specific cue for a women’s collection.



Flower Power to create


So let’s talk about the building. With its white petals open to the Singapore sky, the ArtScience Museum seems to float above the water. Its lotus shape and resolutely modern, pure design were the inspiration for something new. Rainwater is collected on the roof of the building and channelled for re-use. Sustainability thus lies at the heart of the architectural icon, echoing Mido’s timepieces, designed to defy the passage of time.

It was this characteristic of the building that inspired the brand to choose the name Rainflower for this women’s collection. Pure lines, gentle curves and an evocation of the splendour of the plant world are points that the Rainflower collection shares with this sublime building. This is the kind of flower power that has been missing for a while. And if you look at the watch, there is certainly serenity about the dial and case that harks back to the building.



A complex simplicity


But while the watch has been designed, a few have actually been assembled, the Rainflower collection is not yet active. This will come in March 2019 and even then, only after you’ve helped in making it happen. You see, MIDO wants you to Make Your Own MIDO watch! You can do this by going to the microsite HERE.


Using the online engine, you can create your own timepiece and submit it to MIDO. If all goes well, then four of the most popular choices (after some design finessing internally is done) will be seen next year. I, for one, like this idea of a ladies collection from this brand. Like several other Swiss watchmakers, the emphasis has been on capturing a very competitive men’s market. For ladies watches, there is a very strong perception that the fashion brands hold sway. And yes, to a certain extent they do but they very rarely make proper mechanical watches. The options are almost always quartz with some perfunctory nod to design. The bulk of the price paid is for the brand logo on the dial. The Rainflower won’t change this of course but it will, especially given the price range, give women everywhere a new option – a kind of flower power.