Welcome to the Grind


In the still of the night...


Remember that old Boyz II Men song? A great throwback to the doowap days of Motown as far as I'm concerned and a greatly underrated during the group's pomp. But I digress, for me in these recent weeks, it has been an awfully still set of nights. It's not that work wasn't piling up on me. God knows that I have at lest 12 brands to talk about over the next two weeks, so there's that. But doing those stories and getting the bills paid seemed to be in different realities. So as I've said before, one must unfortunately pay the bills first, to keep going. And so here we are, several weeks of stillness later.



Work is a grind



The Baselworld grind...


Unhappily for all of us watch fans, there is nothing to cheer about so far in the shops of Southeast Asia. In fact, I doubt there is likely to be anything purists will want to see in the coming months. Baselworld gave us some great insights of what to expect and yes, there are some superlative pieces. And no doubt, some of you may have already or are planning to pick up these pieces. But for the average office dweller, there are precious few big deals to talk about. And that's one reason why I've decided to make some time away from my own website.


It's not so much the lack of interesting watches in 2018, it's the prices that make it uninteresting.


So to make Baselworld far more interesting to me and you going forward, I've decided to put together a little project. I'm not going to talk a lot of crap about revolutionising the industry or make similar claims. I do not want to be the crazy person you see on the side of the road, howling at the moon. "That guy used to be a good writer for cars and watches but he went nuts," you'd tell your kids one day. So a big project, due to launch either in July or August. Much depends on contracts getting signed and then the development that follows (Clue!)





We write about watches...


And that's what I'll be doing. For now at least. You stick your fingers in places where it doesn't belong and you can get hurt. So for now, let's see if I can interest you in a few brands that have been telling me about their new watches recently.