Time for a change

A refresh is required and now is the perfect moment to get it done…




Hi everyone! If you happen to read this, you’re probably on this website more than I am! Due to all sorts of work requests, generating the stories needed to operate this site has not been always possible. So I’m finally doing something about it.

My main ambition is to do a new layout for Watch List Asia.

Driving this is not only me but several of my clients wanting to put up their pretty ads on the site. Even though no one has said anything about the current layout, it’s currently a hobby blog. For me, once money is being paid, the site needs to move on to something more professional.

But here’s the unfortunate bit, a digital chicken and egg conundrum. There is no budget for development as there are no advertisers on the website. And advertisers will only pay for a professionally done website. The solution for me then is simple. A short hiatus of a few weeks and I’ll drag the frames around myself, do some CSS coding myself, work on that all important SEO optimization myself.

It’s the end of May 2017 now as I write this.

Do come back and check out the new layout on the 19th of June.