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New Novelties

Becoming extremely extreme

Extreme Skull

The Burning Skull Bronze was part of the ‘Search for Extreme’ for Bell & Ross. It could be the first foray into that grey area between function and fiction

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Me and Mr. Parmigiani


Michel Parmigiani, founder of Parmigiani Fleurier had a short stop in Kuala Lumpur and WLA sat down with him to understand what makes for double GPHG 2017 winning watchmaker

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Making sense of the Guggenheim

Solomon P Guggenheim Museum

As the chosen winner to inspire MIDO to their next timepiece, the Solomon P Guggenheim Museum offers a very intriguing insight into why architecture is so powerful

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Around the world in 7 Time Zones

7 Time Zones

Here’s a secret, great watches from Switzerland don’t all cost more than your house! This Aerowatch Renaissance “7 Time Zones’ is elegantly complicated and could be yours without selling your organs!

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When you Split the Escapement

MBnF Split Escapement

The MB&F Split Escapement looks like a typical timepiece you’d see in a luxury watch shop. But there is far more to this timepiece that meets the eye even when you’re looking really hard!

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Dancing with a Bellytanker

BellRoss Bellytanker

From fighter planes to custom-made race cars to a vintage inspired watch, the Bellytanker has certainly evolved with the times. But what the heck is it?

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A Kingsmen you want to be?

Manners maketh the man. And before you in engage in fisticuffs, prepare yourself with a proper dress piece in Mido’s Belluna Gentlemen

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Engineering the new Ingenieurs

Sketch the idea for Ingenieurs

IWC went back to drawing board for the new collection of Ingenieurs. What they came up with was very much what you’d expect for a watch made for engineers

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The dark side of a Breitling

Bentley GT Dark Sapphire Edition

Breitling goes dark with the Bentley GT Dark Sapphire Edition. It’s the Breitling you want on your wrist when you go all Batman in your head!

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