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Some deep Olympic dreams

Olympians get all sorts of perks and recently, friend of Swiss brand Mido, Sam Dorman told me about his motivation and affinity to accurate timing

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On the road with MIDO

Our friends at MIDO are on a roll. And a roadshow too, to start off 2018 strong. Head to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to see what kind of deals you can get!

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Multifort Parkour at the Pavilion

They jumped, they rolled and finally they showed the crowd what you could do with a MIDO Multifort. And of course, there was a prize to be given away for a contest!

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Making sense of the Guggenheim

Solomon P Guggenheim Museum

As the chosen winner to inspire MIDO to their next timepiece, the Solomon P Guggenheim Museum offers a very intriguing insight into why architecture is so powerful

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Inspired by Architecture

MIDO makes watches Inspired by Architecture and now they are rewarding architects inspired by Responsible Architecture

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A Kingsmen you want to be?

Manners maketh the man. And before you in engage in fisticuffs, prepare yourself with a proper dress piece in Mido’s Belluna Gentlemen

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Mido Belluna Mysterious Date

A women’s timepiece graced with a superb silvered wave guilloché-style dial, the new Belluna Mysterious Date features a date display never before used by the Le Locle-based watchmaker.

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