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A significant Chopard shop in China

For some time now, Chopard has been a pioneer in the field of luxury e-commerce, colloquially known as the Chopard Shop. Anyone who has ever been on their official website is usually confronted with the site options; and the top two are USA e-shop and UK e-shop. You'd be hard pressed to find any other brand that does the kind of work Chopard does - officially sold online by an in-house site. There is an argument that as one of the few family owned luxury brands left in the market, it has to do what it can to survive. But with the Millennials of the world now beginning their 20s, e-commerce will only get bigger.



Chopard Shop in China



Not So Little Chopard Shop in China


So what's Chopard going to do to make a bigger splash in the e-commerce market? As the heading suggests - You open shop in China. Obviously, there are a number of Chopard boutiques and galleries in China but not the official e-shop. China is not one to mess around with when it comes to cyber-security and anything online! And there is the elephant in the room when it comes to luxury products, and you may have been asking about this as soon as you read the story title - SECURITY. It's all well and good to buy a diamond necklace worth a million dollars online to apologise for some indiscretion but will it show up?



In America and the UK, insurance is part of the daily lifestyle and is a bedrock of their society. That's not so much true in most of Asia. Pilfering is still an issue with national customs and excise authorities and of course, the postman could literally walk away with your stuff. There are plenty of great couriers of course but if something goes missing, proving a case in court is usually close to impossible. And let's superimpose these issues on China - the legal and official red tape is overwhelming. So Chopard has shown remarkable wisdom where others dare not even contemplate an online store. They're collaborating with which by itself has 258 million users!



Chopard Shop in China



What he said

"We’re delighted to see Chopard’s iconic creations on," said Xia Ding, President of JD Fashion. “Their elegant style and superb craftsmanship will absolutely be appreciated and cherished, particularly by the growing number of sophisticated and discerning female consumers on our site. Our best-in-industry online and offline services, such as JD’s new white glove delivery service, will ensure Chopard customers receive the treatment they have come to expect.”


“As the leading e-commerce platform in China, is an ideal partner for Chopard to make a first step into e-commerce in China", added Tasso von Berlepsch, General Manager of Chopard China.. The collaboration is the extension of Chopard’s existing commercial network, and also embodies the brand’s essence of entrepreneurship and continuous innovation since the founding in 1860. It is our pleasure to let the young clients who love online shopping know more about Chopard and share the brand’s happy spirit with them."


For its first project on, Chopard has selected some watch and jewellery creations from the well-received Happy Diamonds, Happy Sport, Mille Miglia and Classics collections. During the launch celebration, the House also specially offered two exclusive products – the “Happy Hearts” Red Bangle and the newly launched “Happy Ocean” timepiece. The Happy Hearts jewellery collection has been very popular in China since its launching. In the recent hit TV drama Ode to Joy Chopard China’s Friend-of-Brand, the actress Liu Tao, has worn her “Happy Hearts” bangle for many times and shown her appreciation for Chopard’s design.



Chopard Shop in China

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