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Bang that drum MR-G

The first thing you'd notice about the MR-G G2000HT is that it is gorgeous! If you haven't already seen it in a shop, have a look at the video above. I guarantee you, the watch in real life looks better! And that isn't hard to understand either. Casio have simply taken one of their premium G-Shocks and asked a master metal artisan to fabricate several pieces for each watch. Then they heaped all of the G-Shock premium goodies on it and you have what is a super premium, top end Casio G-Shock. For those obsessed with the Japanese watchmaker's pieces, this is going to set them back USD7000 and above!


MR-G G2000HT

MR-G G2000HT


Bait and the MR-G



To ensure that the timepiece got off to a brilliant start, Casio Malaysia and The Hour Glass co-hosted an event  to launch the MRG-G2000HT, a limited edition model of its flagship MR-G series in Malaysia.  With a limited run of 500 watches worldwide, the MRG-G2000HT was unveiled for the first time ever in Malaysia. It features a metal plate at the 10 o’clock position embossed with “2017 LIMITED” and a unique serial number engraved on the back case, further denoting its limited edition status. Casio’s cutting edge MR-G series is G-Shock's premium collection which boasts intricate Japanese craftsmanship; This is reflected on the timepiece through its collaboration with Bihou Asano, a third-generation master artisan in the field.


MR-G G2000HT



The unique handmade patterns can be seen on the bezel and centre row of the band through the use of the Japanese Tsu-i-ki technique; a traditional craft method that creates a patterned finish of overlapping hammered lines through hammering. Historically, the Tsu-i-ki method has been used to make copperware as well as armour and helmets. Presently the method is applied to produce components for the Japanese Railway, bullet trains and aircrafts. To lend a sense of refined elegance to this special edition, the bezel and back case are finished in a deep indigo “Japan blue”, a colour that is inspired from the colours of deep waters.



It does 3-Ways as well!


The new MRG-G2000HT features a Connected Engine 3-Way system that always keeps accurate time anywhere in the world. The three-way sync system, receives both radio wave and GPS satellite time calibration signals while also connecting to the internet time servers by pairing with a smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. It automatically updates the watch’s internal data on time zones and daylight savings time (DST) from a smartphone, keeping it updated at all times.




Guests who attended the launch event were loyal customers of the brand, watch enthusiasts and brand partners who apart from previewing the MRG-G2000HT, were also excited to meet with Mr Kikuo Ibe (the chap who invented the G-Shock) who made a special appearance.




The event kick-started with an opening speech by Mr SK Teh, General Manager of The Hour Glass, followed by presentations by Mr Narito Yamamura, Overseas Marketing and Sales Manager and Mr Shingo Ishizaka, Casio Chief Engineer, who respectively shared with guests on G-Shock MR-G collection concept, and their plans for G-Shock's 35th Anniversary. But no party is complete without some potent refreshments and the top Casio and The Hour Glass representatives together with Mr. Joseph Yeoh, Vice President, YTL Land & Development Berhad and YTL Hotels & Properties Sdn Bhd were invited up to the stage to perform the Kagami Biraki where they broke the lid of a large sake barrel with wooden mallets to retrieve the sake inside.




Kagami refers to the lid of the barrel and Biraki means to open. Because of its round shape the kagami is a symbol of harmony good fortune.  And we certainly wish Casio Malaysia and The Hour Glass all the best with this new timepiece.



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