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100 Million G-Shocks and Counting!

It's an estimation but Casio reckons they've sold their one hundred millionth Casio G-Shock! So that 100 million sold, not made which I'm guessing may be a slightly bigger number, since it was rolled out in 1983.



100 Million and going strong

Consider this, most big brands sell between 50,000 and 100,000 pieces each year. Even the quartz giants of the world don't sell more than a million pieces a year let alone the mechanical masters of Switzerland and Japan! So 100,000,000 is truly a significant number. And let us say it again - SOLD. As I'm fond of saying, anyone can make a watch but can you sell it? One hundred million sold is not such bad figure for a company that until the early 80s, was essentially a calculator maker. Not bad at all Casio, so we'd like to send our love for making some really great watches for everyone needing a tough, go-anywhere piece.



But I'm sticking to my Edifice thanks very much!



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